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Custom Hockey Jerseys & Uniforms

Hockey is a demanding sport that strains players and uniforms alike. Custom hockey jerseys not only display team colors and logos but are able to stand up to more abuse. Hockey uniforms have to be able to take the hits, slides, punches, and physical strain the game demands play after play, period after period.  


Like other sports, hockey also requires that its players be easily identified on the ice. For this, you need strong, durable, and custom uniforms to get the job done. Trust your team’s hockey apparel to Resto Apparel for high-quality uniforms and contact us online today.

Dye Sublimation Process
Dye sublimation is perfect for hockey uniforms.  By using heat and pressure, the colors and designs are printed directly onto the fabric.  The inks are transferred into the fibers of the material and bonded to it at a molecular level, which means that it will not wear off, crack, rub off, or fade with heavy use or cleaning.  The printing method also allows for the design of your custom hockey jerseys to be printed onto each uniform on demand before they are even cut and sewn.

The Manufacturer's Difference: YOU have complete control because we do

1. Design Team

Our professional art team will design your hockey uniforms free of charge with unlimited customization options.


We will send a photo of your project printed on fabric for color and design approval.


No middle man & 24/7 production tracking from start to finish.


1-3 day standart delivery. Next day delivery is also available. Reliable shipment tracking from our door to yours.

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Receive Hockey Pricing in Less than 10 seconds!
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Custom Hockey Jerseys


Things can get pretty rough out on the ice, and with all of that speed and exhilarating gameplay, it’s no secret that hockey puts a lot of strain on both players and their uniforms. Your team’s jerseys unite them and give each player the confidence they need to play to the best of their ability, and sporting custom hockey jerseys that proudly display your colors and branding makes a big difference on game day. At The Edge USA, our custom hockey jerseys are built to take whatever abuse the game requires and can provide your team with a durable apparel solution that never needs a time out.


We specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom hockey jerseys for youth’s, men’s, and women’s teams that are looking to make an impact. Players need to be easily identifiable while zooming around the ice, and our professional, in-house graphic designers will always make sure that each player stands out. Our operation is 100% based in the United States which enables us to accept last-minute edits and have your team’s custom hockey jerseys ready within 2 weeks of placing your order. With order tracking and 1-3 day standard delivery, your team will be ready to take on their next opponent proudly with their new custom hockey jerseys.


The Dye Sublimation Process


You don’t always need to know how the hotdogs are made, but in this case, understanding what makes our custom hockey jerseys different can give your team the advantage. Dye sublimation is the process by which your team’s colors, logos, numbers, and player names are printed. Using pressure and high heat, the dyes quickly turn to a gas state before solidifying in the material meaning that your custom design is pressed into each jersey, not on them. This eliminates the cracking, peeling, and fading that is often associated with sports jerseys.


Place Your Order With The Edge USA


Quality is #1 for us, and we don’t ship out custom hockey jerseys unless they’re perfect. We control the entire design and manufacturing process which enables us to achieve the high standard of quality that your team deserves. Purchase your custom hockey jerseys online today or give us a call and see why The Edge USA is a top choice for sports teams across the nation.