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Custom Face-masks and Neckwear

Ready to show off your unique style? The Edge specializes in high-quality custom masks and custom gaiters that are professionally designed by our in-house team to help you showcase your personalized look to the world. Custom neckwear can be worn in a number of ways to keep you cool, protect your face and neck, provide a shield from the sun, or just to add to your overall look. 

Whether you’re buying bulk for a team, giving as a gift, or stocking up for your own personal use, our team will help you achieve the perfect design and create high-quality custom face and neckwear for any occasion. Being completely in-house means that we can focus on producing quality custom neckwear that is constructed to a high degree of detail. From the initial design and artwork phase to printing and manufacturing your custom neckwear, our team dives into the details to ensure that the end product fits your needs perfectly. Custom gaiters need to be comfortable, and scratchy material is a no-go. We use high-quality fabrics to make your custom gaiters breathable, convenient, and appropriate for everyday use.

The Manufacturer's Difference: YOU have complete control because we do

USA Based

Our Kansas City-based production facility allows for faster turnaround times and quicker delivery.


Our USA-based facility means you save on shipping costs, tariffs, lengthy turnaround times, and costs on errors.

Customer Service

You are our first priority. We are dedicated to quality and that means that production doesn't start until you give final approval.

Design Team

Our in-house design teams can utilize an exiting design or logo or create a new one for your apparel. 

Personalize it!

Since your custom face and neckwear can offer up a lot of surface area on your body, you can use this kind of real-estate to proudly display your team or business logo.  Perfect for outdoor competitive sports such as cycling, running, or adventure hiking, you can show your team spirit with a matching facemask.  And because there is no one use for it, a mask/gaiter is a versatile piece of activewear that will have all sorts of uses for everyone on your team.  Resto Apparel's dye sublimation process is a perfect match for such a rugged piece of gear too, since it will not fade, flake, or peel either with use or multiple washings.

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The Edge USA specializes in sporting equipment and knows that our customers expect whatever it is that they are wearing to last a long time and look great in the process. Make sure to shop with the Edge USA when looking for an unmatched, custom buff and gaiter. Browse our online catalog to see what else we have to offer to bring your team logo to life and request a quote today!


We make getting in contact easy! Either submit your request via our website or give us a call at 1 805-766-1445. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


4611 E 11th Kansas City, MO 64127

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